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big-data“Big Data solutions like Metrics that Matter® provide competitive advantage for companies, by allowing them to make crucial, data-driven decisions about their organization’s talent to help make major leaps in performance.”
—-Kent Barnett, CEO and Founder, KnowledgeAdvisors

Many HR organizations are beginning to embrace the promise of Big Data to help transform the way they recruit, retain and develop top talent.

As Josh Bersin mentioned in a recent Forbes article, some of the questions talent development professionals are asking include “where are our current talent gaps in the organization and what gaps can we predict in coming years?” and “which factors best drive performance within our sales organization?”

KnowledgeAdvisors works with our clients to answer these questions, using Metrics that Matter® as a Big Data solution to help them find the answers to these critical questions.

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How can we help answer your Big Data questions?

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KnowledgeAdvisors Big Data Solutions

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.38.41 PMData for data’s sake is not valuable.

As our Director of Research, Dr. John Mattox, puts it, “data is valuable when it is connected to other data sets, analyzed and explored until it gives up its secrets. Those secrets—hidden nuggets of information—are critical for learning and talent management.”

Leveraging over a decade of experience as the world’s premiere talent analytics provider, KnowledgeAdvisors offers a suite of Big Data technology and consulting solutions that meld time-tested research methodologies and measurement expertise with the proven Metrics that Matter® analytics platform to bring real value to the volume and variety of talent data your organization collects.

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Big Data Module:
Discover hidden insights and critical predictive trends from organizational data with data visualization and exploration tools. The Metrics that Matter® Big Data Module easily combines your organization’s talent, learning and business data, and allows you to quickly build impressive dashboards to make it easy to understand the value of the insights.

Dedicated Big Data Feed:
Do you need your raw data in a structured format with regular frequency for integration into your processes? The Metrics that Matter® Big Data Feed provides a standard data extract from Metrics that Matter®, provided on a monthly basis to be integrated directly into the system of your choice.

Outsourced Big Data Analysis:
Benefit from seasoned analytics consulting and technology to optimize talent development programs. Our seasoned analytics consulting and technology team can bring decades of combined experience in this arena to your organization without requiring you to hire, train, and onboard a dedicated Big Data resource.

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There’s no question, Big Data is a hot topic. From the world’s largest retailers to the best Corporate University in the world, organizations are using Big Data applications to help analyze and predict the behavioral trends that drive their success.

This whitepaper illustrates how Metrics that Matter ® (MTM) is a Big Data solution, how MTM aligns to these industry standards and widely accepted Big Data definitions, and how KnowledgeAdvisors clients currently use our tool to meet their Big Data needs.

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