About MTM

MTM_logoTalent Analytics for Optimized Performance

Metrics that Matter® is the market-leading talent analytics system, combining a world-class evaluation system with powerful analytic tools to help organizations measure and improve their talent development programs.

Metrics that Matter® combines data from multiple enterprise systems (including your LMS) with information collected through evaluations and assessments to paint a complete picture of learning and business performance.

The primary focus of Metrics that Matter® is to provide the analytic toolset, including world-class reporting and valuable comparative benchmarks, to empower data-driven decision-making and improve the return on investments in your organization’s talent.

Deeply rooted in scientific research in the learning and performance field, Metrics that Matter® is currently the only analytics system to fully automate level 1-5 learning evaluation.

Using Metrics that Matter® can help you improve productivity, reduce administrative costs and make better use of your investments in talent development.

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How Metrics that Matter® Works

Metrics that Matter® integrates with an LMS, to automatically send out surveys and passes over the tagged data into its analytics system. The analytics system has built in reports with benchmarks that are then sent automatically to stakeholders.
By providing the only solution in the market that truly automates this process, Metrics that Matter® eliminates the need for human intervention, reducing your labor costs and producing more valuable business insights.

As the world’s leading talent analytics system, Metrics that Matter®:

  1. Fully automates levels 1 through 5
  2. Has a comprehensive set of effectiveness benchmarks
  3. Fully automates reports for all stakeholders
  4. Has world-class executive reporting available at the click of a button
  5. Automatically collects and reports on all the data to run your talent development programs
  6. Offers dedicated Editions focused on strategic initiatives around onboarding, leadership, learning, capabilities development, performance improvement, and employee loyalty

Metrics That Matter® can help your organization:

  1. Automatically link learning to business results
  2. Manage the effectiveness of your talent supply chain
  3. Automatically predict the impact of every talent development program
  4. Develop predictive models designed specifically for talent development
  5. Automatically combine informal & formal learning data

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